Core Team

We are a diverse, interdisciplinary team of students, faculty, and community members of the University of Maryland – College Park. Our team has been on a two-year mission to redefine the housing industry, using the skills we learn in class in new creative and collaborative methods. Our students are stepping out of their academic silos, working cohesively to achieve a single goal, and are gaining real work experience to bridge the gap between the academy and the profession. We are the next generation of energy innovators – and reACT has given us the skills and abilities to lead us toward a sustainable future.

Over the past two years, our team has engaged nearly 400 University of Maryland community members, comprising of various levels of experience, as both students and professionals. Each student works with a sub-team (or more!) to help bring reACT to life.

Our Student Leaders

Paige Andros
  • Project Manager
Sandra Oh Boun
  • Project Architect
Malik Johnson Williams
  • Deputy Project Architect
James Shen
  • Project Engineer
Angela Stoltz
  • Student Leader for Client Relations
Alla Elmahadi
  • Construction Manager (Architecture)
Greg Goldstein
  • Deputy Construction Manager (Architecture)
Sean Richardson
  • Deputy Construction Manager (Engineering)
Sophie Habib
  • Health & Safety Officer (Architecture)
Anil Moore
Anil Moore
  • Deputy Health & Safety Officer (Architecture)
Eyuel Gorfu
  • Health & Safety Officer (Engineering)
Emma Schrantz
  • Public Information Officer
Alan Uy
  • Automation/SmartHouse Leader
Emily Goo
  • Water Team Leader
Matt Lagomarsino
  • Living Systems & Waste Leader
Andrew Poissant
Andrew Poissant
  • Systems Engineering Leader
Jack Perry
Jack Perry
  • Water Team Deputy
Charles White
  • HVAC Team Leader
Srijesh Sudarsanan
  • Electrical Engineer
Yehuda Katz
Yehuda Katz
  • Information Technology Manager
Arden Qiu
Arden Qiu
  • Web Developer
Aanvi Goel
Aanvi Goel
  • NFC Programmer
Aanvi Goel
Sreya Gunna
  • Social Media Team Leader
Luis Condorimay
Luis Condorimay
  • Deputy Electrical Engineer


Mike Binder
Mike Binder
  • Project Management
Ray Adomaitis
Ray Adomaitis
  • Engineering
Garth Rockcastle
Garth Rockcastle
  • Architecture
Patti Cossard
Patti Cossard
  • Sponsorship

Team Maryland History

A history of excellence at the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon




1st Place Overall

First Place – Architecture, Energy Balance & Hot Water

Inspired by the Chesapeake Bay and American waterways, Watershed blends solar energy efficiency and water conservation to create a beautiful home.

2011 Team Website



1st Place Overall

1st Place United States – 2nd in Worldr

People’s Choice Winner

Created through the combination of biological knowledge and cutting-edge technology, LEAFHouse embraces the Chesapeake Bay watershed context and markets a smart, adaptable, resource-efficient home powered by renewable energy.

2007 Team Website

Leaf House
2005 Submission


First Place – Solar Innovation

People’s Choice Winner

The roof of the 2005 Maryland Solar House was curved to serve as a metaphor for the path of the sun across the sky and boasted 51 solar panels.

2005 Team Website


4th Place Overall

Team Maryland Competed in the Inaugural Solar Decathlon Competition. The house’s design became the inspiration for subsequent entries since 2002.

2002 Submission