Team Maryland’s engineering team has developed an open-source model that includes first-principles descriptions of solar irradiance, house PV array power output, nominal house energy-related loads, and thermal modeling of reACT and its HVAC system. 


reACT’s core contains high-performance, interactive, environmentally sensitive systems, managing the flow of water, air and energy.


 reACT conserves resources through passive and active heating and cooling, green, mold-resistant wall prototypes, rainwater-catchment and grey-water systems.


reACT is Net-positive in energy, water, and waste as defined by the International Living Future Institute.

reACT exemplifies non-toxic, ecologically restorative, transparent, and socially equitable architecture.

reACT is Team Maryland’s solar-powered house entry into the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017.  It features 940 SF of built interior, surrounding a spacious 160 SF glazed courtyard, with 400 SF of outdoor deck area, on about 8000 SF of developed site for the competition. Besides providing additional dining and lounging space, the courtyard aids in regulating light, temperature and humidity in the home, operating in sync with a mechanical core at the heart of the interior; the core contains high-performance, environmentally sensitive systems that interact with one another, managing the flow of water, air and energy throughout the home. Both function together to advance the entire building as more self-sustaining.

reACT features a built interior with a mechanical core at its heart, surrounding a spacious glazed courtyard, with an outdoor deck area.

reACT’s courtyard and mechanical core operate in sync to advance self-sustainability.  

reACT’s courtyard regulates light, temperature and humidity.

Team Maryland’s engineering team has developed a detailed, physically based model that predicts reACT’s performance based on weather forecasts corresponding to the locations of our virtual houses.

reACT ‘s innovative panelized construction is a game changer in the manufactured housing industry.

reACT ‘s disentangled systems design enables efficient manufacture, transport and assembly.

reACT’s resilient configurability meets diverse community’s dynamic needs.

reACT can aggregate into greater density and efficiency.

reACT adapts to a diverse range of climates, communities, construction technologies and ecological environments.

reACT enables families to incrementally build larger and more technologically advanced infrastructure and features into their evolving homes.

reACT is designed to easily expand and contract to better accommodate family fluctuations and transformations.

No contribution is too large or too small.  All contributions are appreciated and go towards helping us achieve our goal!